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Obese pink Pokémon and ebin cade ft. A lock happy mod

From 1v6 to 1v0 - the tale of an heroic flowre

Opp said shut up, we did the exact opposite and spammed chat.

very in/sp/iring conversations going on in chat

boost bunny clutches my anus

The American Wigeon is a medium-sized bird; it is larger than a teal, but smaller than a pintail. In silhouette, the wigeon can be distinguished from other dabblers by its round head, short neck, and small bill. Respect the bird fuckstains.

mastermite kills the entire team after becoming an airbender

the 184 + 4 days experience. Skip to turn 187 for memes

Champ nearly swept... until Castbro takes the field. Cleaned up by a balk fishe.

champ challenges an undertale team with some inaccurate species

boostan punchan

sorry this is a serious game, this team is prepare to high ladder not to noobs trolls

opp is stubborn and doesn't quit cuz "muh honor" (Dev: original link:, uploaded on dogars because online replay was limited to the first 137 turns out of 252)

When all hope is lost, wew rises from the ashes and delivers Champ to salvation

Zarel + KoKo's bad nature pave the way to victory

hoge utterly destroys the opponent's team all by herself, prompting him to forfeit.

☆Paradise of Rage: tfw i should have 6-0'd this loser

Opponent sold his smogon points for channel subscriptions

Loreal Arora gets left on 1 HP to BTFO Ferrothorn, leading to a Comfey sweep.

Champ manages to remove a template stall team when all hope seemed lost.

Explode Gobline defeats a boosted Mewtwo Y Battle Tree destroys all of opponent's hopes

champ REVEALS to btfo a stallfag when all hope is lost


☆We: why would i rest and drag this battle out another 10 turns

Boom Boom sweeps!

The day the mods banned showderp. megalucario1900 is a dick.

Hoge (Pige) destroys a stall team `_>`

Stall to the walL! (Dev: original link: uploaded on dogars because spam got the original replay to get truncated around turn 38

Last mon Snips crushing stall in an enjoyable fashion.

Champ manages to defeat a mono-Poison team with a team comprised of mostly toxic stallers in an epic game.

Hoge ruins a high ELO stall player and prompts a forfeit.

After a poor start, Chatot sweeps the opponent in an extremely skilled manner.

merely a test to see some silvally color and if replay works